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The Moonfall Is Coming


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All About Me

Well, I bet you came here hoping to see my hot naked nicely tanned and muscular body. Wrong. If you want to see that...close your eyes!


Me me me me me, lets see here. What can I tell you about me? I was born in Redmond Washington in "good" ol USA. Lived with my mommy and daddy till two years then mommy and daddy broke up and it made me all sad.
Actually, to date, I am 18 years of age going on 19 next year. I still live in Wa. Been to Canada, (nice place) and speak with a quasi european accent.
The reason for the accent is I watched a hell of a lot of  Red Dwarf and Faulty Towers, Are You Being Served, and Monty Python. This was when I was like 3. So I started to imitate the voices and all. So sometimes my little accent slips out. I try to speak "American" but usually when around friends I just let it slide right out. You see, since I was so young and still "developing", my voicebox developed into the way i was speaking all the time. So, I really hate the way i talk sometimes.
Anyway, I am 6' 4", blue eyes, BIG boned, (fat) and have cheekbone length brown hair with natural sun bleached highlights. So yeah.
And, I'm rambling.
I belong to this Great site called Tainted Thoughts so check it out. I myself am the member Black Sheep of God so check me out.
Umm, that's all I can think of right now so...yeah.

Well, lets see here. If you want to get a hold of me or anything then email me



Now that I have told you some stuff about me, I feel vulnerable and therefore I think I'm going to be sick...


Nicole, Me, and Kirk, yeah yeah, I know.


Hmmm...should I aim for the big target in hopes for the small prize?
Or the small target in hopes for the big prize?