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The Moonfall Is Coming


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Poetry 2

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Tainted Thoughts
Tainted Thoughts

Child Rapist
I am strapped down on, a table made for me.
Sheet metal's cold and I, have a need to feel free.
Strapped in a jacket, and put in a padded room.
I throw myself against the walls, hoping that I bleed soon.
I start to scream and sing along to the little songs in my head,
Images flashing through so quickly I thought that I was dead, hah.
I jump up and down to get the camera's attention.
Then I just look at it and stare and stare and stare and stare.
I'd flip it off if I could.

Two years later, they let me out.
I was so happy I wanted to dance and shout.
But I was still doped up on the shit I got,
Made me feel better than when I was smoking pot.
But the light was so bright it hurt my eyes,
So I looked at the sun and made myself go blind.
But I'm still happy and so I stand and shout,
I got away scot-free that's what it's about.

Ah.the life is good for me.
The jury didn't see.
I did rape her you see.
But she didn't know it was me.
So I got away, scot-free.

Coal Chamber


Cry Baby
Filling the night with screams so loud,
It's hard to tell from where.
A knife falls down and the screams stop,
To all those who care.
The blood then trickles,
Then begins to flow,
Over a chest that's bare.
Flows out of the child's eyes,
And stains it's golden hair.
The arms are limp,
It's eyes are dead,
It's mind and soul are gone.
And the only person who gives a damn,
Is still searching for her son.
She'll never find him,
Not now,
No matter how hard she tries.
So now she sits on the side of the street,
And silently,
She cries.

I'm Going To Kill Myself...
I hate the shit that I go through just to get away from it all,
I always try to get away yet I always take the fall.
My life is fucked up that's all I have to say,
Never had a real life and that's why I look away.
People always looked at me strangely for no reason,
And so I feel like flipping them and yelling at them and screamin.
My father beat me as a child he used to rape my mind,
Pretty soon I was brainwashed self-esteem I could not find.
I hate the shit that I'm getting in I can't even run away,
And so all I do is cry in my head day after fucking day.
I'm fat not skinny so women always pass me by,
And that's why I'm sitting here telling you this and trying not to cry.
I've been admitted to Fairfax hospital twice in the same year,
Both times by my father and that's why I shed these tears.
Doped up on buspar and lithium to pass the time,
But I've never been arrested yet people say I act the crimes.
I hate these days with utmost contempt yet still somehow I get through,
Probably cause I pass the time by thinking of things to do.
I have done drugs coke pot and shrooms to that I can attest,
But all that shit just fucked me up even more in my head.
So here I sit a gun in hand a bullet in the chamber,
Crying out loud the tears roll down and I pull the tri...


I look at you and touch your face,
Your skin is smooth and not hollow.
I kiss your lips and feel them bleed,
Dry and cracked from the cold.
I hold you close and let you cry,
In hopes of a better morrow.
I walk away and say goodbye,
And tears fall down in sorrow,
Always in sorrow.
I'll watch your dreams expand so far,
And I'll wait on a horizon.
I'll hold you close and pray to God,
While our feelings keep rising.
I look at you and touch your face,
And kiss your lips so softly.
I brush the hair off your face,
And tears fall down in sorrow,
Always in sorrow.
In my dreams I run away,
I run towards the water.
I jump in to save our love,
It was given by the Father.
Our dreams intertwine,
And we will love each other.
But we wake up and our dreams stop,
And tears fall down in sorrow,
Always in sorrow.
One day we'll meet again,
And embrace each other.
Never parting is our love,
Given by the Father.
Do you think that we have a chance;
To get together?
Yet we walk away and say goodbye,
And tears fall down in sorrow,
Always in sorrow...


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